Human Gut Chip

About the Human Gut Chip

The HuGChip is a phylogenetic microarray designed with the PhylArray software (see below). Highly specific and explorative probes were spotted thanks to the probe design strategy.

66 families were targeted using 4448 probes spotted in triplicates on a 8x15k Agilent Technologies array.

Supplementary Material

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PhylArray software

Militon, C. et al. (2007)
PhylArray: phylogenetic probe design algorithm for microarray. Bioinformatics, 23, 2550–2557.

Financial Support

EA 4678 CIDAM LMGE Region UdA CNRS Europe
Feel free to contact us at j-francois [dot] brugere [at] udamail [dot] fr if you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, or any ideas regarding the HuGChip.